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We are an international boarding specialized facility. We started as dog breeders and we've met many very kind and nice australian breeders within the years. It turned out, that we can offer a good quality, boarding service. Our boarding facility is a small family business, we keep few dogs as our own dogs. We have floor heating and the dogs spend the nights in the air conditioned doggy room, daylight they are out in the fence and sometimes in kennels. We keep only two dogs together and we keep our eyes on their personality too, to be sure, those two would fit together.  As many of you maybe know already, it is pretty difficult to fit to the rules and import into Australia ( and the neighbour countries-or even the same rules have Japan and many other countries) and takes approx 7 months (in special cases it's up till 9 months) However it sounds at first incredible long, out customers tell, the time passed very fast as we send online( real time) videos, photos and we are setting the webcam system in the near future, where the owners can check their belowed animals anytime they wish. Our life is around the dogs and cats in 24/7, and we are specialized on the Australian ( as well Tasmanian, New-Zealand etc..) special live animal import rules. We work with Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility in Melbourne and we can complete the whole import procedure with them. Our customers don't have to worry, we make everything in their names, and we have the most experienced animal shipper too, so we are shipping also the pets in safe into Melbourne. We have many years of experiences, we follow the rule changings daily and we have more than 60 succesfull boardings and delivering. We are really proud of our job, as we never had bad experiences or failed imports. We have chance to ship also from non-approved countries, contact us for the possibilities! 

We remember all of the dogs and cats who spent such a long time with us, we follow their lifes and we keep the contact with the owners too. 

We have requirements if an animal would arrive to us, like the microchipping, the ordinary shots, wormings and spot-on treatment. Once they arrived, we are responsible for the further shots, wormings and external parazite treatments. We need also a vet report stating the dogs/cat found to be healthy. With boarding request pls send email, but soon the online booking will be also working.











What is included in Boarding price

Keeping costs up to middle sized breeds/ month

(it includes the ordinary diet)

Special diet to sensitive or allergic dogs additional/month

Rabies bloodtest (FAVN) 

Testing for Erlichia canis (IFAT)

Testing for Brucella canis (RSAT,TAT, or IFAT)

Testing for Leishmania infantum ( IFAT,ELISA)

We have special offers for our previous customers, and bargain for multiple booking. Contact us for personalized calculation.

Prices are in australian dollars.


MON - FRI:  09am - 18pm

SATURDAY:   10am - 14pm

SUNDAY:   We're closed!

T:   +36 70 600 5349

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