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Show stacker SMALL/PREMIUM

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The ultimate MAO-show stacker developed with professional show breeders and Cynologists (dog scientist).This size fits to young pups and/or mini (TOY) breeds. Do not mix our product with cheap copies! only our tool is equipped with extra strong, skin friendly plastic steps! Don't leave your dog on a table alone! 


    Our MAO-Stacker were designed for adjustability, durability and stability while we fixed the previous imperfections on the early-modells of this tool. The tool is developed and tested by professional show breeders and dog scientist. This tool is an amazing aid not only for „newbies” but for professional hanlders and breeders. With this stacker you can train easily your dog for the correct pose for showing, they learn quickly how to keep their feet in place. And don’t forget, that breeders, handlers need many times professional photos of their dogs, stacker will be the perfect aid for this too, as the dog comfortable stand on the pads, without restacking, making the time more productive. A perfect home made picture’s value is inestimable. You will be unstoppable in the dog shows with this tool and your dog will also enjoy it.

    Our stacker’s stability compared to other stackers are amazing, even on slippery surface. We equipped the stacker with skin friendly, strong plastic step, what is uncomparable with the wooden steps. Wooden steps won't resist the different weathers, stucks in the dump, dries out fast in hot, the wood goes wrong and the steps will be easy breaking, the coloring is wearing out very fast. The tool is opened, so the dog can walk up or stepping off, what is a big help if you train a middle or larger breed adult dog.  Any configuration takes seconds to arrange and adjustments are quick & easy. There is no right or wrong way to set it up.  Regardless of the breed, size, weight, terrain or surface, the versatility of the stacker allows for those adjustments/requirements.

    For our product we choose only the best quality materials, this is the guarantee of the durability. All of our products are trademarked by MAO logo. Beware of cheap copies! We believe of quality over quantity.


    • When you train your dog, if it's possible do it in front of a mirror or some other glass surface. As you staked the dog, check the reflection, you’ll get the view other see.
    • The dog carries most of the weight on the forlegs so set first them onto the pads.
    • If you start the show training in young age-the best for the permanent success!-than the following methods will be working well: place first the front feet on the pads, and repeat it till the puppy seems relaxed and comfortable. Use always positive feedback   ( praising, treats..etc.) and after a while raise the hindlegs also onto the rear pads. Keep the puppy happy and calm about the procedure, and repeat it as more as it’s necessary.
    • When the puppy stands confidently on the pads, and lower their rear on it, than there won’t be roachy backs anymore.
    • Help the dog to keep the natural position on the pads,-usually they try to pulling back themselves-place your tumb in front of the base of the tail and push it with gentle pressure.
    • Watch your dog, to keep the pose as long as you need it, and don’t forget to repeat the training more times a week. The stacker will teach the dog muscles for the correct pose
    • One training should not take longer than 15-20 minutes, the dog will loose the interest after that.
    • Never lett he dog alone standing on the stacker placed on high table!!
    • Always pack up the stacker after using, the dog will connect it so soon for show training ocassions.

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